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Richie Realms: Of MusicRealms Spotlight On
The Global Black Sabbath Convention

On Wednesday February 24th the day before Black Sabbath plays their final show at Madison Square Garden it will be with great honor I will be attending The Second Annual Global Black Sabbath Convention held at Slake Concert Hall 251 West 30th Street New York NY,

This marks The End of arguably one of the Greatest heavy metal bands ever. I have been a fan of Black Sabbath for lets just say a few years and leave it at that. It all started in 1970 with the release of Black Sabbath and then later that year Paranoid was released, then Master of Reality in 1971 and the epic Vol. 4 in 1972, 1973 they released Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, in 1975 Sabatage and in 1976 Technical Ecstasy and in 1978 the last Ozzy Sabbath was Never Say Die. Black Sabbath went through alot of changes thru the years after Ozzy left the group in 1979. Ronnie James Dio joined and they released the album Heaven and Hell they went on to bring us The Mob Rules and the Dio left Sabbath. In 1983 they came back with a new singer Ian Gillan the front man for Deep Purple and released Born again which was short lived. Then in 1986 they released Seventh Star with yet another ex-Deep Purple vocalist Glenn Hughes. That was also a very short lived line up. But then in 1987 they met an amazing vocalist by the name of Tony Martin and went on to release three great albums first was The Eternal Idol next was Headless Cross then TYR in 1990. Then in 1992 Ronnie James Dio rejoind the band for Dehumanizer he soon left and Tony Martin Returned for two more albums Cross Purposes in 94 and Forbidden in 95. Fast forward a bit and in 2006 Ronnie James Dio returns to record three new songs for the release of Black Sabbath The Dio Years shortly after that Heaven and Hell was the new name of Black Sabbath and in 2009 they released The Devil You Know. And then in May of 2010 we lost a true legend in Ronnie James Dio. I suffered greatly at the loss of Ronnie James Dio who was in my eyes one of the best vocalist of all time hands down. Which brings us to the release of the album 13 in 2013 with Ozzy Ozbourne Back at the helm. And this brings us to THE END.

What you will see at the convention will be some great bands performing Black Sabbath music.

You will get to see Phil Jakes a classically traned musician playing an acoustic set of Black Sabbath, Drawing on his classical training Phil's carved out a niche for himself as a solo instrumentalist. Playing both the chords and the melody at the same time on guitar he crafts whatever song he does into a beautiful self contained unit.

Special Guest Speaker Martin Popoff The senior editor and co-founder of Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, has written over twenty books that both critically evaluate heavy metal and document its history. He has been called "heavy metal's most widely recognized journalist" Some of his books include
Who Invented Heavy Metal,
The Art Of Metal,
Dio Light Beyond The Black,
Black Sabbath Doom Let Loose.

Bible Black NYC, is a new Dio-era Sabbath tribute band, that will make its debut performance at the Global Black Sabbath Convention. It’s members are recognized as some of the top rock musicians from NYC. Guitarist Denise Mercedes co-founded the project with vocalist Elaine Tuttle. Both are members of the extremely popular all-girl Motley Crue tribute Girls Girls Girls. Mercedes is a veteran rock/punk/metal guitarist best known as founder of influential punk-early hardcore band The Stimulators, and her years of playing and touring in the Girls band – both groups to much acclaim. Elaine Tuttle has been wowing audiences as a professional singer (and vocal coach) who performs several times a week in as many as 13 projects in NY, NJ and New Orleans, and has performed at Carnegie Hall 9 times! Her command of the Dio material is outstanding. Drummer Mike “the Warrior” Maenza is renowned as the city’s top drummer, a shining star in weekly sell-out group Jessie’s Girl--the Back to the 80’s show with all-star sit-in guests including artists like Constantine Maroulis, as well as him performing and recording in numerous other projects. Mike recently headlined Madison Square Garden and performed at America’s #1 bike rally, Sturgis. Kevin Bolembach on bass, has toured the world with Non-Fiction, Seven Witches, Hades, and toured the U.S. and Europe in Non-Fiction and Overkill. Dave Archer on keys is one of the most in-demand keyboard players, often touring and working in various projects.

Into The Void Will Be Headlining the show and I think it would safe to say they are by far one of the best Black Sabbath tribute bands around today. The vocals of Ricky Woods are a dead-on representation of Ozzy Osbourne, to be topped by no one. Aaron Kipness built an amplifier and effects pedals from scratch, to replicate Tony Iommi's vintage 70's sound exactly and spent many hours learning the solos note for note. Marty Beck captures the true essence of Geezer Butler's style and live tone by using identical basses and Hartke amplification. Tom Capobianco, a veteran of drumming Black Sabbath's music for over 20 years, Pounds his drums relentlessly, in true Bill Ward fashion.



What is the inspiration behind the GBSC.

GBSC Rick Woods:

It is a group of Black Sabbath fans, who wanted to have events to meet in person, rather than just on social media. The love of the band is what brought everyone together.


What can the fans expect to see at this years convention.

GBSC Rick Woods:

Tons of great Black Sabbath music. Top notch tribute bands from the Ozzy years, Dio years and acoustic renditions of all era's of the band. Also guest speakers that have been, or are still currently involved with Sabbath.


Having an Ozzy era tribute and a Dio era tribute is a great idea whos idea was it.

GBSC Rick Woods:

It was my idea to bring in the Dio era Sabbath. I thought it made perfect sense to have the two most popular incarnations of the band repesented. As a fan first and foremost, it was what I would have wanted to see.


Will Into The Void and Bible Black NYC play shows together in the future.

GBSC Rick Woods:

I hope so! I have spoken to Denise from Bible Black NYC and we have discussed it. I think it would be a real treat for fans all over the East Coast to experience this with us.


How does the end of Black Sabbath make you feel.

GBSC Rick Woods:

It is a sad thought, to know that we will never see them again, live on stage after this tour. They were my favorite band through my early teens on, and through all the lineups, they were always there, soldiering on. I am thankful for the songs they wrote and experiences I have had, with performing their music for the last 10 years. I hope as we go on, that we can do proud the legacy of the band to the fans, in a live setting. It was an amazing career and I'm so happy to keep these memories forever.

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